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Granada FitBack Online Webinar Success!

Granada FitBack Online Webinar Success!


Colleagues from the University of Granada, Spain conducted an online workshop Monday, November 7th, 2022 to disseminate the FitBack platform among PE teachers and sport specialists. Congratulations Granada team on your successful webinar series!

Spanish colleagues performed a substantial, 2-hour webinar event, one evening (outside of normal school times), so that more teachers could attend. Some of the topics covered included:

1 – Dr. Ortega completed a 30-min theoretical introduction about why it is important to assess fitness from a health, sport, and pedagogical point of view. He covered which tests to use (AlPHA) and why FitBack is needed in school settings across Europe.

2 – Dr. Ortega's graduate student presented how to properly conduct the fitness testing, demonstrating and explaining the ALPHA videos hosted on the FitBack website, providing more information about the testing aspect of this work.

3 – Another student presented the free, online FitBack platform in a practical way.

4 – The researchers gave attendees practice fitness data for 2 persons, so that they could enter the data into the platform and experience making individual and group FitBack feedback reports.

5 –  There was also a very useful question period following the presentation.

You can watch the full online free training webinar on their YouTube link HERE (In Spanish). The training has already been viewed over 2500 times! Thank you for creating this wonderful roadmap for excellent community outreach!


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