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Eusfit Mugiment: Transforming Basque Schools Through Fitness Monitoring

Eusfit Mugiment: Transforming Basque Schools Through Fitness Monitoring


In 2021, the Basque Country launched Eusfit Mugiment, an initiative aimed at promoting physical activity and addressing sedentary lifestyles in schools. Led by the Basque Government and 120 organisations participating, the pilot test involved 10 schools and set the stage for further expansion. 

Following a successful trial, the 2022-23 academic year saw 58 teachers participating, and this number has now increased to 100. The cornerstone of Eusfit Mugiment is its innovative software, shown on this page, simplifying data entry for teachers by pre-loading student and group details. The system also automates report distribution and generates statistical summaries. 

Despite these advancements, the project looks to increase participation annually by 10% and integrate health professionals into the process for a holistic approach to child well-being. 

The initiative aligns well with a recent Basque law mandating an Active and Healthy Life Plan, providing a solid foundation for its future development. While early results (report) indicate positive trends in body composition compared to other European regions, concerns persist regarding certain components of physical fitness, particularly strength. 

As the Basque Country strives towards a healthier future, Eusfit Mugiment remains at the forefront, contributing to the broader goal of fostering an active and balanced community. The journey has just begun, with ongoing efforts promising a meaningful impact on the well-being of Basque students and society as a whole.

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