National Physical Fitness Surveillance System – Serbian best practice

The main aims of the National Physical Fitness Surveillance System in Serbia are:

  • To enable regular testing of all schoolchildren (on regular Physical Education classes) using a systematized and standardized testing approach.
  • To provide age and gender-specific feedback based on national centile values.
  • To enable a follow up of the individual and group changes in fitness levels through the children’s growth and development.
  • To provide recommendations to students and their parents on how to maintain or improve physical fitness level.
  • To educate students and their parents concerning the importance of lifelong physical activity and the value of health-conscious lifestyles.

Fast facts

  • Since 2017, system has been implemented regularly by the Curriculum of Physical and health education subject in primary and since 2019 year, in secondary schools in Serbia.
  • All students aged 9 to 19 years are tested once or twice a year. The measurements are carried out according to a standardized protocol and are incorporated in the regular PE classes (3x45 min). 
  • The leading organization is the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education University of Belgrade which developed the system and is currently working on the software development.
  • After the assessment, all students receive a personal report including absolute (obtained values) and relative results (percentiles), interpretation of the obtained results and necessary recommendations.

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