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Japan physical exam scores at an historic low

Japan physical exam scores at an historic low


Popular article on physical exam scores in Japanese children at historic low, obesity rates at record high in 2021.

The Mainichi, Japan's national daily newspaper is reporting record low physical strength results and high obesity rates for the 2021 year, apparently owing to the vast temporary closures of schools nationwide, and limitations on activities amid the pandemic.

More specifically, physical fitness and motor skills test were conducted between April and July 2021 on about 1.03 million fifth-grade elementary school students, and about 980,000 second-year junior high school students. These were a representative sample of all students in those grades from Japan's national, public and private institutions. Boys' total scores in physical strength test were a record low since tests began in the 2008. The article did not specify girls' total scores but does state that obesity rates were at a record high among all elementary school children. It goes on to describe that fifth-grade boys scored an average of 52.5 out of 80, down 1.1 points from the 2019 academic year, whilst fifth-grade girls had an average of 54.7, down 0.9 points. Male second-year junior high school students scored 41.1 points, a fall of 0.5 points, and female students scored 48.4 points, a drop of 1.6 points. Data were released from the Japan Sports Agency, Dec. 24. 2021.

You can visit the original press article published December 25, 2021 HERE.

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