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FitBack launches FitBack4Literacy Project

FitBack launches FitBack4Literacy Project


FitBack network Launches FitBack4Literacy Project to Promote Physical Literacy Development for Children and Youth Across Europe and Beyond

We are excited to announce the latest project from FitBack network, a leading organization dedicated to promoting physical fitness and healthy living. FitBack4Literacy is an innovative initiative that aims to demonstrate how to properly use fitness monitoring to improve Physical Literacy (PL) of children and youth.

Physical Literacy includes the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional understanding that people develop to maintain physical activity at an appropriate, healthy level throughout their life. The goal of FitBack4Literacy is to design and test an open, transnational interactive toolkit supported by FitBack platform to deliver relevant information about developing PL with help of fitness monitoring to teachers, coaches and adolescents.

To achieve this goal, FitBack4Literacy will collaborated with 10 institutions across Europe and several associated international organizations. The project will focus its activities at the local level (e.g., schools, sport clubs) to accelerate adolescents’ PL development through several strategies.

The first strategy involves teachers and coaches in a co-design process to upgrade the existing FitBack reporting system by upgrading group report and learning materials. Secondly, it will leverage the support of several international sport and physical education associations to engage stakeholders to prepare guidelines how to organise fitness testing in school setting to foster a positive experience around physical fitness testing. Third, it will develop new PL instrument primarily for teachers to simply get feedback where students are within PL journal. Finally, the upgraded FitBack reporting system, including a novel, multi-lingual PL toolkit, will be evaluated across eight European-wide sites to determine its feasibility and effectiveness in improving PL.

FitBack4Literacy represents a significant step forward in promoting physical literacy for all. Through collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision, FitBack network is committed to promoting healthy and active living for children and youth across Europe and beyond. We encourage you to learn more about the FitBack4Literacy project by visiting our website and joining us in our mission to support children and youth's physical literacy development. Stay tuned for further updates and activities through the FitBack network website.

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