Set Fitness Target Scores Using Interactive Report

This animation aims to guide PE teachers on setting targets (a.k.a. exercise or intervention goals) of student’s physical fitness with the help of using special type of interactive report. It shows how this type of report is generated (by teachers or by students) using specific target (intervention) period, e.g. 3 months, and how such report is then used for setting exercise goals in typical PE environment. Key cognitive level in this scenario is procedural (check chapter Scenarios), while scenario can be performed in 1 week.

Although this animation shows scenario for advising goal setting to individual students (and their parents), you may use a similar scenario for the whole group (class) of students. E.g. if all the students in a group have its own device (phone, tablet), they may – guided by you – enter their own test scores in interactive report, identify weak points in their physical fitness and then create a new version of interactive report for individually determined intervention periods.

Note that setting intervention period may be a recurring process. E.g. if the score in a particular test is very poor, you may prolong the intervention period, i.e. set new ‘Date of testing’ to a later date and update the target score for that new date.

Make sure to inform the students that the intervention is meant to improve PF component (e.g. cardiorespiratory fitness), not test’s score (20-m Shutle run) per se.

References / Further reading
  1. Physical activity – setting yourself goals.
  2. 6 Expert Tips For Setting Realistic Fitness Goals.

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