Using AI Chatbots for Exercise Planning Based on Fitback Fitness Monitoring

Chatbots are an Artifical Intelligence (AI) tools designed to have human-like conversations. It retrieves freely available text data on the web and provides answers to students or other users. The following video suggests how to use the feedback provided by the FitBack report to ask questions on chatbot and obtain further information for exercise planning. The video is aimed for PE teachers, but suitable and useful also for students. 

Physical education teachers, as educators, “must be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of AI in learning”, since “developments in the AI field can deeply impact interactions between educators and learners and among citizens at large, which may undermine the very core of education, that is, the fostering of free will and independent and critical thinking via learning opportunities” (Council of Europe, 2022).

The feedback provided by the FitBack report can be used by students to ask questions on chatbot and obtain further information for exercise planning. Physical education teachers are also encouraged to propose works within small groups of students.

As any other AI tool, chatbot can provide misleading information due to wrong or inaccurate text data found on the web. For this reason, students must always be invited to ask the teachers’ feedback regarding the answers obtained from this AI tool.

References / Further reading
  1. Holmes, W., Persson, J., Chounta, I. A., Wasson, B., & Dimitrova, V. (2022). Artificial intelligence and education: A critical view through the lens of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Council of Europe.

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