How can I improve my body composition?

It is not easy to change your body composition, but it can be done step by step. There are lots of things you can do, and you can start doing this today!

1. Set goals!

When trying to improve your body composition, it’s a good idea to make your goals about changing how you move and how you eat each day, and not to focus too much on losing a certain amount of weight. Set small, realistic goals, and include key supportive people around you (e.g. friends, parents, teachers, etc.), and then check in regularly to watch your progress grow!

2. Get support!

Be sure to find people who will support you and try to change your daily movement and nutrition patterns with their help.

3. Burn more calories!

To reach healthy weight, it is very important that you are regularly physically active.
Try to engage in at least 1 hour of various physical activities every day. Start with changing your lifestyle and use every opportunity to move more (e.g. walk or ride a bike to school instead of riding in a car, take the stairs instead of an escalator/elevator, spend more time outdoors…).

Be sure to include activities that make you sweat and breathe faster and sweating on most, if not all days of the week! Exercise can be done at once, or broken up into little chunks throughout the day.The great news is you can break up this movement into smaller chunks, and still see great health benefits. You may want to ask a friend to join you when trying new activities.

4. Cut-down screen time!

Try to limit the time you spend in front of screens to less than 2 hours per day in your free time.
This includes time in front of the TV, computer screen and most especially your mobile phone. Sedentary time builds up throughout the day, and causes changes to your body that affect your cardiovascular health, specifically keeping you away from doing physical activity.
Try substituting some of the time you used to spend in front of the TV or on your smartphone with some physical activity.

5. Eat less calories and follow a healthy diet!

Avoid high-caloric food such as sweets or unhealthy snacks and choose more healthy and nutritious food, including fruit and vegetables.
Drink water instead of sugary soft drinks!

6. Get enough sleep

Aim to get enough sleep. This depends on your age and personal needs. The adequate amount of sleep for children is between 9h and 11h per night and in teenage years this drops to 8-10h per night.

For more great tips on how best to become more active, talk to your physical education teacher. Your doctor is another wonderful resource and can teach you how to change your diet. Talk to him/her about your weight and get nutrition advice. Both will help support you with improving your body composition – it is their job, and they care!

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