Move! - Finnish best practice

The purpose of the Move! monitoring system for physical functional capacity in Finland is to act as an educational tool and to encourage students to independently take care of their physical functional capacity to support their well-being.

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Fast facts 

  • Move! monitors every 5th and 8th grade (approximately 11 and 14 years-old) schoolchild who are assessed annually on one of their regular school days. Feedback is used individually for complimenting the students’ health examinations, for educational purposes and policy making.
  • Measurements are performed annually during September followed by individual health examinations. National seminar and press release about the results is held in the following December-January.

  • The National Sports Council (Ministry of Education and Culture) is the governmental authority responsible for Physical Activity and Sports who are assigned to system development. They are the manager of the national data and continue to develop the system.
  • Annually, approx. 90, 000 students aged 11 and 14 participate in total corresponding to around 48, 000 per age group. Around 700 measurements are performed in an adapted manner.
  • The prevalence rate is high at ~96%.

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