NETFIT - Hungarian best practice

NETFIT®’s main aim is to sustain system-level support for the fitness education's progress by providing opportunities for all students, parents and teachers in Hungary to monitor and follow up on the physical fitness of their students. Whereas many systems are based on a standardized measurement protocol, this system aims at monitoring on school-, regional- and national levels, and suggesting evidence-based interventions by identifying issues in child fitness early.

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Fast facts

  • All primary and secondary schools enrolling students from age 10 participate in the measurements. Over 650,000 students aged 10-19, are measured annually. The period for assessment and administration are announced by regulations published by the Ministry of human Capacities before the beginning of each school year.
  • Measurements usually take place between January and May, whereas June is for administration.
  • NETFIT® is mandatory part of PE class since 2015 regulated by law.
  • Around 650,000 students have at least one measurement data/year, for around 80,000 students per age group (10-19 y).
  • All partners (teachers, students, parents) are able to access results within the IT system, and thus are able to get personalized feedback based on their own data.

Hungarian NETFIT - national student fitness test

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