FITescola - Portuguese best practice

FITescola® is an educational program in Portugal for counselling and continuous monitoring of sedentary behaviour, physical and sport activity and fitness of students who attend elementary and high school. It was first launched in 2016.

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Fast facts

  • The FITescola® program is one of the references and mandatory areas of Physical Education (PE) which provides a repository of indicators and dynamic trajectories of the items under analysis. 

  • There is no mandatory time point for the assessment of the physical fitness tests. The platform provides 5 evaluation “moments” (Baseline 1st Period / at the end of 1st period / Intermedium Assessment 2nd Period / at the end 2nd period / Final assessment 3rd period). Therefore, the system is flexible, and teachers can enter data at any time. 

  • Approximately 120 000 students aged 10-18 y are inserted annually into the database of the platform, involving 1600 teachers and 600 schools. 

  • There are ~268 248 students with entries registered on the platform and 6, 250, 221 recorded assessments included in the database.



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