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SLOfit®​ is a national surveillance system for somatic and motor development of children and youth in Slovenia. It was primarily developed as a support tool for physical education teachers who have been using the data on children’s development for planning PE classes, individualization of teaching and identification of children with developmental difficulties. 

Since its launch in 1982, SLOfit has evolved into a powerful educational tool for parents and their children as well as scientific backbone for policy making.

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Fast facts

  • In SLOfit®, the schools fulfil the curricular demands with SLOfit. The response rate in 6- to 14-year-olds is above 95% while in 15- to 19-year-olds the response rate is around 75%.
  • Measurements are organized every April. Schools and parents receive the feedback immediately after the smart algorithm cleaning procedures by My SLOfit application. Parents can grant access to child data to other users, e.g. doctor, grandparents, coach.  
  • Every year over 200,000 children and youth aged between 6 and 19 y take part in the programme.
  • Currently, there is over 7.5 million sets of measurements data up to the year 2019.
  • Outcomes: Reference values are produced by the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport based on the physical efficiency criteria for obesity. Cut-off points mark the BMI at which physical efficiency starts to stagnate or decline.
  • From 2021, SLOfit system is upgraded for lifelong monitoring of physical fitness.

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