Become a part of FitBack and implement this system at your school or sports group

For PE teachers, coaches, doctors, parents

Test physical fitness and create FitBack report to educate youth about health-related fitness

Test the physical fitness of your children or adolescents with the Alpha fit test battery and receive informative feedback about their health-risk and comparison with European peers that will encourage them to engage in physical activities for life.

Make a report

For policymakers

Support public policy on physical activity and fitness with evidence and react promptly

Large fitness datasets provide impactful insight into the lifestyles and health of youth.

Monitoring Fitness

For researches

FitBack provides a high-visibility platform to disseminate the results of your own study, connect with like-minded experts, and craft sustainable community change for children in your country.

Become a member of FitBack network. Contribute your fitness data to increase the impact of your research. You will be listed on the FitBack platform as a collaborator, and results of your study will be included in the evaluation of physical fitness in children and youth (e.g. EU and your country – centile reference values).  By contributing to the FitBack project, you, your institution, and your country, will be officially involved in the development of EU physical fitness curves for children and youth in next edition of curves creation. 

Additionally, the FitBack platform can provide feedback on the Alpha fit test battery to your study participants, supporting their readiness for participation.

Get report for your study participants or contribute fitness data.

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For community

Share story on physical fitness monitoring in your community.

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