The FitBack Class Report: When, Where, and how to use it?

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The first step to the success of an exercise program is setting appropriate goals. This video is intended to enhance the understanding of physical education teachers regarding the Fitback Class Report, its structure, various report sections, and practical application. The Fitback Class Report offers valuable insights into students' and the class's physical fitness status, serving as an invaluable resource for teachers to plan, develop, and implement their class curriculum.

Be mindful that you play a crucial role in the effective interpretation of the data within the report. It's advisable to discuss the findings with your class, both in broad terms and with individual students specifically, particularly those who may have inquiries about certain test scores or require further engagement to cultivate better connections in enhancing their own physical literacy.

How to produce a class report?

  1. From Fitness report menu select Make group report (or go to/en-us/fitness-report/make-group-report)
  2. Download Excel data template and enter the data for all students in a class. Save and close the file.
  3. In 2. Upload Excel data file section click Browse to select the data file and then click Upload new Excel file button.
  4. A new section 3. Download class report opens. 
  5. In Use this period for setting fitness scores’ targets set one of preset target periods (3 months is the default) or set custom period in weeks or months.
  6. Click Download report button. Wait for about 10 seconds for report to generate. Once generated, report will be automatically downloaded to Download folder on your device.
References / Further reading
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